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cover of Heartstruck, book by Filipino author Angeli E. Dumatol

Aim for the heart. Aim with the heart.

Seventeen-year-old Alexa Zamora looks as if she’s always been the beautiful and graceful center of attention. If you knew her in grade school though, you’d remember a sad little girl, who had lost her parents, and spent most of her time on the martial art arnis—a rough sport, not something girls were supposed to like. If you knew her then, you might have ostracized her for it.

She learned from this mistake, and has done her best to hide all traces of her sport and skill in a new school, and now she’s New Hope Academy’s It Girl. But transfer student Theo Guevarra, who happens to be her old arnis buddy and first love, arrives and makes her question the life she’s been living. How long can she keep up appearances, before it all falls apart?

Published as part of Flicker, #romanceclass community project that is helping authors develop and publish young adult novels with romance elements. Each book can be read on its own. Check out more Flicker books here!

Contemporary Young Adult novella

Tags: first love, friendship, sports romance, school romance, martial arts, YA

How to Write a Novel in 7 Days

cover of How to Write a Novel in 7 Days, book by Filipino author Angeli E. Dumatol

All it takes is one week to change your life.

It is Sia Valencia’s ultimate wish to become a full-fledged published writer. But with her seventh rejection, this time from Liberia Publishing, she might as well bid goodbye to that dream and say hello to a life at law school, a life her dad has been planning for her ever since she was young. To make things worse, Marc Ramirez, her obnoxious classmate from high school, turns out to be the brother of the publishing editor who rejected her work. 

But the editor sees potential in Sia and her work, and thinks it would be a shame for such passion to go to waste. So he gives her one more shot: she has to write a novel in one week, provided that she spends that same week with Marc. 

Seven days with the insufferable Marc Ramirez, but a chance for her novel to get published. How far is Sia willing to go for her dream?

Contemporary New Adult novella

Tags: writer, challenge, publishing, he fell first, contemporary romance, NA

The Doctor is in Love: 

a Medical Romance Anthology

Walk along the corridors of Sta. Gianna University Hospital for a glimpse into the lives of its doctors as they heal the sick, serve those in need, and fall in love in this medical romance anthology. 

cover of The Doctor is In Love, First Cut book by Filipino author Angeli E. Dumatol

First Cut

Fresh from the medical boards, Sage is determined to get into the prestigious neurosurgery residency program at Sta. Gianna University Hospital. Unfortunately, only one first year will be accepted, and for that slot, she has to compete with Rainier, son of the renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Acosta.   Pre-residency finds the two of them going head-to-head in a showdown of knowledge and skill, but Sage and Rainier soon realize that the coveted residency slot isn’t the only thing they want anymore: They also want each other. 

This collection also includes the following stories:

Contemporary New Adult anthology

Tags: doctors, medical romance, hospital, residency training, rivals to lovers, there is only one residency slot

Content Warnings: depictions of a broken healthcare system and government corruption, mention of deceased parents, mentions of homophobia concerns and toxic masculinity